Flauto d'Amore "Electric Sessions" at Rockwood Music Hall

The Flauto d’Amore Project branches out of the classical / new music realm to venture into the jazz and electronics world.

We are so excited to present this eclectic show at Rockwood with a dream team: Mikael Darmanie, Chris Bill, Keenan Zach and Nathan Hudson, + your truly.

Things will be different i this show, so be prepared to be immersed in a seamless continuum, in an underground intimate, hushed red velvet space, and to complete the experience with a drink or two.

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Launching the Casa d'Italia Afternoon Concert Series

The Casa d’Italia Zerilli Marimò in New York City announces its brand new Concert Series! The music events, recurring on Saturday afternoons, are offered to the immediate community of Greenwich Village and aim to inclusivity of genres and audiences.

We are kicking off the Season with a chamber music recital for flute, clarinet and piano with an all French repertoire. Allons-y!

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