Doctoral degree coming up!


I am excited to complete my academic studies at Stony Brook this November, with a final Doctoral recital on the evolution of the flauto d’amore across the centuries.

Playing the very first prototype of modern flauto d’amore built by Albert Cooper in 1989, I will begin this presentation with J.S. Bach’s Sonata BWV1030 - the one that flutists know as the b minor Sonata, and scholars as the longest Sonata Bach composed for any instrument. I will be playing the g minor version, of which a manuscript remains, entailing the possibility of it being conceived for flauto d’amore.

The recital will continue with Saverio Mercadante’s Trio for flute, flauto d’amore and cello, and Adolph Terschak’s La Sirene - a virtuoso piece for flute that calls for a middle section where the flutist is invited to imitate the sound of the flauto d’amore.

The second part of the recital will be dedicated to the modern compositions for the instrument: Ferenc Farkas’ Meditation with piano, Nathan Hudson’s Textured Air with percussion and Liliya Ugay’s Sweet Suite with piano.

Join me at Stony Brook University on November 25th, 1pm, if you are in the area!